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Union Jack Pub (Speedway)
Ok, it's only two-miles from the Speedway, in Speedway, IN.  That is why this place has been a favorite for racers for years. Ask driver/spotter Mike Herman Jr or Mike Paris about Union Jack...two of the place's biggest fans.  It's tradition, good food, good Chicago style pizzas.   Cold beers also highlight this traditional indy stop.
 6225 w. 25th Street, 
Speedway, IN
(317) 243-3300
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Zest! Exciting Food Creations
Where Downhome Goes Uptown!  Their slogan hits the nail on the head as this warm friendly environment filled with home-cooking with a sophisticated twist enables you to enjoy a artsy uptown experience. Dine to the sounds of Jazz at this uptown gem that has quickly become an Indianapolis favorite.  Remember to ask them about their burger of the month!
1134 East 54th Street
 Indianapolis, IN
 Phone: 317-466-1853

St. Elmo's
St. Elmo's is an Indiana tradition. It's not cheap, but it is real good and something you must do at least once when you are in Indy. This upscale place is Indiana's oldest steakhouse.

The first time I went there was when I was covering Indy cars for TNN and it was for Chip Gannassi's birthday. Jimmy Vassar and Alex Zanardi were his drivers back then I believe. Since then, I have gone to Elmo's every year.

The steak is what they are known most for, but also try their legendary Shrimp Cocktail. The sauce is made with real good horseradish, and lots of it!!
127 South Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN
(866) 967-1095
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Shapiro's Delicatessen
Shapiro's is your place to get a sandwich in Indy.  It's nothing new...they've been serving them up for over 100-years.  Shapiro's is pretty popular with locals and racers that know the area including our buddy Joe Crowley (some other Crowley favorites are listed in the Side Dishes section to the left). The Reuben, the Roast Beef, the Pastrami, are all big on the yum scale.
808 S Meridian St 
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 631.4041
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The Tamale Place
Do you like Tamales?  If the answer is yes, GO HERE!  The place is run by a couple that fell in love in Mexico and wanted to bring good tamales to Indianapolis.  Their tamales are good and HUGE...often weighing in at 1/2 pound each.  
5226  Rockville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN
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Black Market
This 21-and-up restaurant and bar serves up an ecclectic menu. Writer David Careviello raved about a Pork chop with greens and blueberries over a corn waffle. From a burger to duck, lamb, pork and trout... it's a different kinda place!
922 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 822-6757
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Naked Tchopstix
This place is recommended to us by Sprintvision's Tracey Hartman (@ttiana).  Naked Tchopstix in the Broad Ripple area of Indy has my favorite sushi roll: The Corona.(Spicy tuna, Avocado,Tempura chips, WhiteTuna, Lime) YUM!!!  They also have a location off of E. 96th Street so check their site for whats closest to you.
6253 N. College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 252-5555

Jerseys Cafe 
Jersey in Indy? Yeah, why not?
This place served cheesesteaks over 30-different ways. Try the Giovanni da Verrazanno, or the Mike Schmidt #20 or the Flemington Cheesesteak. They have a ton of yummy options!  They also have some tasty "Spud" options. The breads are brought in from NJ/NY.  It was also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
13710 N Meridian St
Carmel, IN 
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Edward's Drive-In 
Want a simple American Drive-In and local-yocal joint? Edwards is your place. They are famous for their handmade Pork Tenderloin sandwich... a mid-west staple. Also enjoy their famous Onion rings and homemade rootbeer at this family-operated place. The place has been around for over 50-years and is a true-local diner gem.
2126 S Sherman Dr
Indianapolis, IN 
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BBQ No Joke to Nascarcasm
Our pal @NASCARCASM has served us up a good spot for eats!  Pit Stop BBQ is a great little joint that serves up Hickory smoked BBQ, yummy catfish and more.  A midwest favorite, their  pork tenderloin is always fresh.  Check it out in Brownsburg!
Pit Stop BBQ
932 E Main St,
Brownsburg, IN
(317) 858-8370 
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Mug n Bun a Great Indy Tradition
This is your traditional Indy stop. From driver, spotter, crew guys and fans... The Mug n’ Bun Drive-In is part of Indy culture.  Big Tenderlon sandwiches and much more!
Mug N' Bun
5211 West 10th Street, Speedway, IN
(317) 244-5669

Brickyard...get your ticket to History!
It's arguably the most prestigious race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series & Nationwide Series
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Burgers for the Working Man!
Working Man's Friend has Awesome Hamburgers. "Best for Lunch or early dinner. No website, so you know it’s good,"
says Cup PR guy Joe Crowley.
Working Man's Friend
234 North Belmont Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
(317) 636-2067

Dive Barbecue
This lil dive joint has been servin up carry-out barbecue since 1952. Questionable neighborhood but sometimes that makes it better! 
Barbecue Heaven
MLK Restaurant
2515 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St., Indianapolis, IN
(317) 925-6311

A Racing Place
"Lot of racing stuff on the walls – good wings," adds Crowley.
Average Joe’s Sports Pub 
814 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
(317) 253-5844

Mmmmm Donuts
Donuts are a thing in Indy.  Long's has good ones!
Long's Donuts
1453 North Tremont Street , Indianapolis, IN
(317) 632-3741