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O - M - G  Cobbler!!!!!
Want some peaches?  Maybe a Peach Enchilada?  Need I say more?  YES. No visit to Darlington is complete without a trip to McLeod's.  If you don't have the Blackberry Cobbler, with some vanilla ice cream on it, you simply haven't lived a complete life.

McLeod's Farms
29247 S Carolina 151
McBee, SC
(843) 335-8611
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A Great Museum!
Take a look into NASCAR's past at Darlington Raceway's Museum. It may not be huge but the museum is full of amazing history, cars and great info for anyone interested in our sport.

Darlington Raceway Stock Car Museum
1301 Harry Byrd Hwy
Darlington, SC
(843) 395-8821


Old School Southern
It looks like a Cracker Barrell when you drive by but it isn't.  NOTE: This is a buffet style joint. Just like most places nearby Darlington it's simple, nothing fancy.

1009 W Bobo Newson Hwy
Hartsville, SC
(843) 332-5145  

Hot Dog!
Hot Dog Haven is right in the historic downtown square of Darlington, SC.  It's a pretty popular place for locals and a place I tried the other year during the Darlington race-week fan festivities.

It's hot dogs! Enough said. You can get 'em all different ways. Of course, I like them almost any way. The chili dogs were tops.

Hot Dog Haven
101 South Main Street
Darlington, SC 29532-3207
(843) 393-7040

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Red Bone Alley
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Surprisingly, there are many on the NASCAR Tour that don't know about this joint. Well, if you are reading this... now you do!

My favorite restaurant in the Darlington area. Red Bone Alley is in an location that you may think it was a department store if you drove by.  Actually, the location was once a JC Penney!  The unusual restaurant space is used to make you feel like you are dining in a quaint Charleston, SC neighborhood. With houses and street lamps, the setting is beautiful.

Oh, and the food. Yeah, it is as good as the decor!  From Low Country Shrimp & Grits to one of their aged steaks, you can't go wrong with this Florence, SC favorite. Our buddy Steve Post frequents it and he's one of NASCAR's best Foodies!
1903 West Palmetto Street
Florence, SC 29501-3916
(843) 673-0035
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Jewel's Deluxe Cafe
While on the streets of Darlington, a young lady stepped out of her truck and said hello.  I spoke with the friendly local, named India, who shared her favorite place ot eat in the area with me. It's the simple gem in Darlington's historic square named Jewel's Deluxe Cafe.  Meat & Three that will not disappoint.
32 Public Square
Darlington, SC

Big's Meats & More
Right next to McLeod's (Our Featured Side Dish). You can order meat and you can eat meat at Big's.  They have a great lunch menu with burgers, bbq and loads of sandwich choices. Oh...and the desserts, yes please may I have another.
29241 S Carolina 151
McBee, SC
(843) 335-6474
visit their site click here

Takis Restaurant
A solid diner with good food.  Years ago, while in a video shoot, 2011 Hall of Fame inductee David Pearson took us here and treated us to a nice meal. I had fried chicken and sweet tea that day, and it was awesome. Classic moment for sure. Takis has good greek items on the menu as well.
609 Pearl Street
Darlington, SC
(843) 393-8979

301 Drive-Inn
Since 1957 this drive-inn has been a tradition of those driving to and from Myrtle Beach.  The locals claim it is the best Fried Chicken in the Pee Dee region.  That's a hefty claim. Burgers, BBQ Seafood and more.
137 E Palmetto St
Florence, SC   
(843) 669-5141

B&B Restaurant
B&B is as good as buffets get. If you like to pig out, this is your place. Their breakfast buffet is good too.   Rumor has it that a few drivers eat there from time to time. "It's got a reputation for being a good little local joint," says our friend Bo Wilkes.
1536 S Main St
Darlington, SC
(843) 393-9534

Starfire Grill & Spirits
This local treat offers an good menu of American and regional cuisine with Greek and Italian food as well.
2130 West Palmetto Street 
Florence, SC
to visit their site  click here

Westwood BBQ
Buffet BBQ at it's best for the Pee Dee region. They offer two distint styles of cue... Vinegar based and mustard based.
604 W Bobo Newsom Hwy
Hartsville, SC
(843) 332-7142