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Ice Cream on the Way Home?
After the races in Martinsville and on the way back to the Charlotte area, it's a must to swing by Kernersville (home of Modified legend Melvin Puddin' Swisher) and get some ice cream.  Doss' is a family run place that is sure to give you a smile at the end of a NASCAR weekend at Martinsville. 
Doss' Old Fashioned Ice Cream
406 N Main St, 
Kernersville, NC
(336) 996-1930

Get a Martinsville Dog! 
Get a dog. Get it STP Style. All the way darn it! The Jesse Jones Dog is a tradition that is beloved. DO IT!

Old School Track / Old School Food
Well, Clarence's isn't a foodie haven but it is a place that is rich in Martinsville tradition.  Clarence's has supported racing on the local level for years.  For that reason, it scores points with us.  It's an old school southern place... nothing fancy. Don't expect Ruth Chris... it says steakhouse, yes, but it' doesn't quite fit thedescription for some. 

NASCAR Spotter Mike Herman Jr always hits Clarence's on race weekend.  He loves the classic "Hanburger Steak."  Speedeats has hit Clarences for their breakfasts for years. 

Clarence's Steak & Seafood House
6636 Greensboro Road
Ridgeway, VA 24148
(276) 956-3400's Matthew Dillner shows you all the unique spots "From The Road"
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Wild Magnolia says: The BEST place we've found to eat near Martinsville Speedway hands down!

Wild Magnolia is a great little bar and grill that serves common American favorites with a splash of eclectic menu items as well. Our favorite dish is the Chicken Kentuckian (The burgers are solid. If you like spice try the Voodoo chicken or shrimp. It's tear inducing! It's one of our favorite food finds?  Partially because It is literally hard to find!  Wild Magnolia is directly BEHIND a shopping center. Yes, you literally have to drive behind a shopping center, no big signs, to even find this joint. But if you are looking for good cuisine near Martinsville Speedway, it's worth the adventure!

NOTE:  GPS NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE... It's behind the Patrick Henry Mall / Directions/Map are posted in our side dish section
730 E Church St (Patrick Henry Mall)
 Martinsville, VA
(276) 666-6666 
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Elizabeth's Pizza says: "A Martinsville tradition!"
It's a tradition!  Wether it's race teams or NASCAR's Mike Helton, Elizabeth's is a Martinsville tradition. Some good pizza, cheesesteaks and good prices. It is close to the track, across the steret from the landmark Dutch Inn.
2365 Virginia Ave 
Collinsville, VA
(276) 647-3859

Pigs R Us
A local barbecue legend (known as the Checkered Pig in Danville)  that has been serving up vinegar based sweet barbecue goodness and ribs for years.  Pigs R Us has been a favorite of the Wood Brothers and Martinsville Speedway for years. They also caterered our friend Mike Paris' wedding. "I had to have barbecue for my wedding," said Paris. "It's a barbecue town and the food there is gooooood."

Try the "Big Tommy," an enormous chopped BBQ sandwich named after the owner Tommy. The onion rings ara a favorite too.  Paris also tells us that Tommy's wife, co-owner Lisa, whips up an amazing homemade blackberry cobbler to finish your dining experience.
1014 Liberty Street
Martinsville, VA 24112 
(276) 632-1161
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Old Liberty Station
Debbie Elling is a huge NASCAR fan and a follower of Speedeats. She wrote in about this Old Liberty Station place. Looking into it further, it looks like I may have eaten my words as far as not knowing many good restaurants within arm-length of the VA paperclip!  Psssss....they are famous for their cheesecake. Yum.
515 Bedford Avenue
Bedford, Virginia
(540) 587-9377
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El Ranchito
A hideaway exposed!  Many of the NASCAR on ESPN crew dine here nightly while working the Martinsville race. They have solid mexican cuisine. What's extraordinary?  The Chicken Soup.  It has Pico de Gallo, chicken, rice in a flavorful and spicy broth. It's "sneaky good"
3069 Virginia Ave
Collinsville, VA
(276) 647-4330


Stamey's Barbecue
Another great option in the Greensboro area for those staying there during Martinsville weekend.  Stamey's has one of the most impressive pits for pit cooked bbq in the region. It's one of the best known bbq joints in the Lexington scene. 
2206 High Point Road
 Greensboro, N.C.  
(336) 299-9888
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LUCKY 32 Says "Creative menu and a fantastic food find"
Greensboro, NC?  Well, it's about 45-plus minutes away from the Martinsville area but a lot of folks in the NASCAR community have hotels in the G'Boro area.  If you do, try you're luck at Lucky 32. A full menu of contemporary southern cuisine awaits you in this beautiful casual dining atmosphere.  A menu so creative that the center-section of it changes seasonally.  Lucky 32 is worth the drive and a favorite of MD and the Speedeats gang.
 1421 Westover Ter
Greensboro, NC
(336) 370-0707
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